Monday, November 25, 2013

Oliver turns ONE!

Oliver is one!  How did that happen so quickly?!?  He weighs 22 lbs and is 32 inches tall.  He's walking, climbing, throwing, screaming...yep.  Another boy.  He has 6 teeth.  He loves his "lamby" (which is actually a frog) and paci, just like Henry did.  He loves all stuffed animals too.  He says dada, uh oh, points at everything, loves to lay on you if you are on the floor, and likes to mess up whatever Lily and Henry are doing!  He sure keeps me on my toes!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Army crawling

Oliver is army crawling everywhere and getting fast!!  Nothing is safe anymore!

Oliver 6 months

Oliver is getting close to sitting up by himself.  

He has also started solids, and loves avocado!  

Thursday, April 11, 2013

We've got a roller

Oliver rolls on to his tummy almost immediately after I put him on his back. He often then gets frustrated and yells at me. I flip him over and he immediately does it again. He's also started sticking his bum up in the air. I hope he doesn't think he's going to crawl soon!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Oliver 4 months

4 months old already!  wow, that went by quick.  Here are a few things that Oliver is up to.
He loves sucking on his hands and feet

Tummy time is getting better... 

Brother and sister LOVE to hold him...

And he is ALL smiles!  

4 month stats: 16 lbs, 26 inches long, 17 inch head.  He is sleeping 7-8 hours at night.  We put him to bed around 7:30.  I feed him at 10 before I go to bed, and he wakes up between 5-6am, I feed him, then he goes back down for another hour or two.  Not too shabby!  He is rarely fussy.  Still does not like the carseat.  Coos and squeals like his brother did.  And is starting to his brother still does!  :) 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oliver's 2 months!

2 month check up stats:
13.10 lbs (95%)
25 inches long (off the chart!)
Got another big boy! :)